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Music for Hexagon Shows

Hexagon 2019: “Romp In The Swamp”

  notes "Frankenfish"

Hexagon 2018: “How Tweet It Is”

  notes "It's Not My Fault"

Hexagon 2017: “Let Freedom Zing!”

  notes "Just You Wait" (opener)
  notes "It's In His Heart" (with Rick Horowitz)

Hexagon 2014: “Midterm Madness”

  notes "Social Media"
  notes "Friends in High Places"
  notes "Celebrate" (Show Closer)

Hexagon 2013: “A Raucous Caucus”

A preview of A Raucous Caucus, March 1-23, 2013 includes a clip of my "Spay and Neuter" number. Enjoy.

  notes "Spay and Neuter Your Politicians"
  notes "I'm Bidin' My Time"

Hexagon 2012: “I Get No Kick from Campaign”

  notes "Hey, Dear"
  notes "Obama in Wonderland"

Hexagon 2011: “A 21-Pun Salute”

  notes "I Dissolve in Tears"
  notes "Sidestep the Issues"
  notes "Politics as Opera"

Hexagon 2010: “Dancing with the Czars”

  notes "I Promised You Change"
  notes "Breaking Up"
  notes "Dancing with the Czars"
  notes "Rebuilding Together"
    (not used, but my favorite submission)

Hexagon 2009: “What So Proudly We Bailed”

  notes "Life is a Beach"
  notes "Three-Martini Lunch"

Hexagon 2008: “Stars & Gripes”

  notes "Happy Feet"

Hexagon 2007: “Strike While the Irony’s Hot”

  notes "K Street"
  notes "A Place to Park"

Hexagon 2006: “You Only Run Twice”

  notes "I Wanna Go To Harvard"
  notes "Come, Visit France"
  notes "Mañana" (The FEMA Song)
  notes "I Cross The Line"

Hexagon 2005: “With Levity And Jesting For All”

  notes "Sleep Tight"